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A lifelong community for all priests.

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Sodality Event in South Wales Tuesday 27th November

St Augustine’s Church, Penarth, CF64 1BJ

6:30pm Rosary

7pm Mass Preacher: Fr Richard

Meal afterwards (please let us know if you want to book for dinner).


All priests are invited to concelebrate


Monday 3rd December

Sodality Day: St Mary’s Primrose Hill


North-East Sodality Evening, Thursday 13th December

St Peter’s, Stockton-on-Tees,

6:30pm Rosary

7pm Mass, Preacher Fr Richard Peers @educationpriest


Meal out afterwards, let us know if you want to join us for the meal.



For your diaries:

Sodality Evening in Cambridge

Tuesday 19th February, 2019

at St Bene’t’s

Rosary 6:30pm

Mass 7pm

Preacher: Fr Richard

Meal afterwards.

All welcome.

All priests are invited to concelebrate.


Thurs. 28th Feb

Sodality Day

Speaker: Canon Robin Ward, Principal of St Stephen’s House – The Roman Canon


Mon. 13th – Thurs. 16th May

Annual Conference & General Council – Aylesford Priory

late summer/ early autumnt.b.c.


Tues. 10th December Sodality Day



After a year of formation the Sodality officially came into existence on February 16th, 2016 after the first admission of members and Associates at the shrine of St Simon Stock, Aylesford Priory.

We are priests in the Church of England, the Church of Ireland and the Church in Wales.

We are men and women, married, civilly partnered and single. We want to grow in holiness by sharing in a pious association of prayer and devotion.

We have increasingly been called to see ourselves as a ‘dispersed community of priests’. We look to the Company of Mission Priests and its Vincentian charism as a source of inspiration. We are also exploring the Society of Mary, the Marists, and their charism of life with Mary. We are finding ourselves inspired by the French School of Spirituality, Blessed Charles de Foucauld and Blessed Columba Marmion. However, the Sodality does not have a single ‘spirituality’ all members bring to it their own faith journeys and share in our common life and spirit.

We seek to renew our Anglo-Catholic heritage and look to the heroic priests of the past to inspire us and strengthen us. We are parish clergy, retired priests and priests employed in other contexts. Seminarians from Westcott, Cuddesdon, Mirfield, Saint Stephen’s House and St Padarn’s are Aspirants to the Sodality.

IMG_1599We met for the first time together at Saint Saviour’s, Pimlico on Wednesday 27th May 2015 and for our second Sodality Day on the feast of the Holy Rosary with talks from Fr Tim Pike CMP and a sermon from the Bishop of Liverpool, The Rt. Rev’d. Paul Bayes. On other occasions speakers have included Mother Lucy Winkett, Canon Robin Ward, Canon Mark Oakley, and Fr Martin Browne OSB of Glenstal Abbey, who preached our first annual retreat. The retreat giver in 2017 was Sr Gemma Simmonds CJ.

The creation of the  Sodality was led by this Formation Group.

After a great deal of prayer and work over a five month period a Manual was prepared and printed early in 2016. You can read the final text here.

There are two ways of belonging to the Sodality:

Priests and bishops may become Sodalists by making an annual commitment which can, but needn’t, become a life commitment after five years. Making admission may be preceded by a period of time as an Aspirant.

Any baptised Christian may be an Associate of the Sodality, renewable annually.

Priests discerning membership and those accepted for or in formation for ordination may be received as Aspirants.

The Sodality B and W

Members and aspirants have expressed their hopes for the Sodality in a variety of ways, here are our hopes and aspirations for the Sodality:

I hope the SMMS will continue to feed and nourish the theological and spiritual underpinning that is necessary to sustain the priestly character. Through fellowship, prayer and encouragement I see the SMMS offering me the support network to sustain my ministry and so advance the catholic faith wherever God might call me.


I hope and pray that the emerging SMMS will be a place of nurture, continuing formation and fellowship among priests, ordinands and those discerning a vocation to the sacred ministry of the Church and will fulfil a particular role in the enriching and rooting the spirituality of the whole Church.


My hope for SMMS is that our on-going formation may be nourished with a rich diet of fellowship and prayer. I am keen to look beyond some of the issues that have dominated our attention of late and rediscover an approach to priestly life that sees in Mary, Mother of Priests, a complete self-offering to God.


I hope the SMMS will continue to feed and nourish the theological and spiritual underpinning that is necessary to sustain the priestly character. Through fellowship, prayer and encouragement I see the SMMS offering me the support network to sustain my ministry and so advance the catholic faith wherever God might call me.


My aspiration for the Sodality is that, together as priests in the Anglican Catholic tradition, we may continuously deepen our discipleship through the grace of God and the intercession of Mary to become more Christ centred and outward focused.


It is my hope that SMMS will be not only a group of catholic minded clergy but a strong support network of prayer and encouragement. I look forward sharing my hopes and aspirations alongside my brothers and sisters of the Sodality.


I have been very conscious since leaving the House that there was no priestly society that I could join that shared my understanding of Catholic teaching and practice; my hope for the Sodality is that it will offer the same level of fraternity, prayer and guidance in the priestly life which SSC priests are able to enjoy.


My hope for the Sodality of Mary, Mother of Priests, is that it can sustain the clarity and rigour of traditional catholic theological reasoning, the durable commitment of sodalists and associates to one another and to the Sodality, and the articulate representation of the vocations of all whom God calls to priesthood. It was on that tour that I began to recognise the importance of sacerdotal fellowship. Our chaplains were a tightly knit team – and it was necessary to be thus in order to survive. I see SMMS as fulfilling that need in civilian life.


My interest in the Sodality is two-fold: the spiritual sustenance that it can provide, and the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by like-minded clergy.that is what I am looking for in the Sodality, a community that challenges and encourages me so that I might make Jesus known despite my all too obvious failings.


I became interested in the Sodality of Mary through a friend and am drawn to its Manual as a means to sanctify my life now and, God willing, in my future ministry.


I hope the Sodality will provide a way to remain rooted in the Catholic and deeply Marian faith from which my vocation to the sacred priesthood flourished and took hold of my life. The gift of a demanding rule along with mutual society, which the Sodality offers, is very attractive and I hope to one day be admitted to the Sodality as a priest.


I have been drawn to the Sodality because I feel we need a place of Peace and Grace to explore our calling, both now – during seminary – and once ordained. The understanding of what a dispersed community may mean is one I’m eager to explore more fully. A place of calm reflection, dedication and prayer – rather than one of division, politics and argument.


I have been seeking a way of belonging to a company of priests (and laypeople) who are committed to the fullness of Catholic life and practice, something I think SMMS could possibly offer.


Some of the key words:

3 Feed/sustain
4 Nourish/nurture
3 Fellowship/fraternity
6 Prayer/pray
4 Encouragement
1 Enriching
2 Rooting/deepen
1 Sharing
2 Guidance/challenge
1 reflection
2 dedication/committed