“Stay close to this tradition, hold on to the rosary.” – notes from the Bishop of Liverpool’s sermon to the Sodality

The Bishop of Liverpool, The Rt Rev’d. Paul Bayes, has kindly shared the preaching notes from his sermon to the Sodality on October 7th, 2015:

All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers.

•Seeking a Catholic life.

• …many priests engage in a pick and mix way with a number of organisations, trying to find in the religious houses, pilgrimage sites, societies and political groupings sufficient spiritual and intellectual food to be enabled to develop as holy priests, offering the sacrifice of the mass, and often ministering in circumstances quite different to their preferred space.

•Campden Hill Square. All Sts Margaret St. St Mary Bourne St. Evelyn Underhill. God is the only interesting thing about religion.

•”Something more devotional, sentimental, Marian, pious, Roman-ward looking.”

•Devotion in the Eucharist (Fr Tim)

•Deptford. (Lewisham – spat on by the NF.) The rosary. This mystery in particular, and the Visitation.

•”All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along” Galatians 2

•Rosary as a non-book thing (Philip North). Inclusiveness. Our Lady untier of knots. Embourgeoisation.

•We believe that the Church of England will be unbalanced if it loses its Catholic heart with its commitment to the poor and to social justice.

•Vincent de Paul, cure d’Ars. Bernanos “Diary of a country priest”. Bresson’s extraordinary film. Dying words “Whatever happens, all is grace.”

•Lowder (St Barnabas Pimlico) then to the East End: “The sermons were interspersed with cat-calls, dancing groups of prostitutes, and the throwing of stones, human excrement, and once a dead cat.”

•A Catholic life… Deep, poor, dead cats. Hidden, faithful, streetwise, holy. Ken Leech. Underground stream.

•…”searching for ways to intensify our priestly fellowship, prayer and life. We want to grow in holiness by sharing in a pious association of prayer and devotion.”

•Stay close to this tradition, hold on to the rosary and the doors it opens, draw near to holiness, bless the Church.


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