The Manual, Constitution & Rite of Admission

We are currently working on a light revision of The Manual which will be completed and printed in time for the retreat 2018.

The Manual is designed to be read, a section each day, over a calendar month. This could be added to the Office of Readings, Compline or used as preparation for Mass.

SMMS Manual February 2016

The Constitution:

Adopted by the Formation Group on 14th December, 2015.

Formally adopted by the first Chapter on February 17th, 2016.

SMMS Constitution 20 December 2015


The Rite of Admission:

Adapted from the Rite of Admission of the Servites, Servants of Mary.

Admission of Members, Acceptance of Associates and Welcome of Aspirants.

Lightly revised version of 10th March, 2018, which will be used for the first time at the retreat in May 2018:

PDF: SMMS Rite of Admission Version 10 03 18