Praying the Office, the Sodality Prayer and Thursday Mass

Members of the Sodality are committed to faithful praying of a daily Office. Many will be in places where this is done publicly, and at our first retreat Father Martin Browne OSB, encouraged us to maintain this great Anglican tradition. Members and associates will use the form of the office agreed in the place where they worship and minister and this may be from the Book of Common Prayer of the province in which they live, current commended forms of the Office such as Common Worship Daily Prayer or The Divine Office / Liturgy of the Hours promulgated after the Second Vatican Council. The Divine Office will be used at Sodality events and meetings.

During the formation period The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary was used for public prayer and this is commended as a supplement to official forms or to provide material for meditation.

For those who use The Divine Office the LOBVM could be used for the Office after the final psalm at Lauds and Prayer During the Day on Saturdays, perhaps working through the days of the week as they are given in the book over a number of weeks. The form of Compline given might be used on Friday evenings in place of that in the Breviary.

For those using Common Worship or Prayer Book Morning and Evening Prayer LOBVM could provide a form of Prayer During the Day and Compline for each day.

LOBVM makes a good pocket book and the texts are a rich source of meditation and reflection.

It is available online here and to purchase from Abebooks, Amazon, or the Carmelite Book Service in Oxford.

Sodality Prayer

The prayer could be used as commemoration at the end of Lauds/Vespers or as the concluding Collect of the Rosary, after the Salve Regina. Or as part of the thanksgiving after Mass.The prayer is based on a Holy Thursday address of Saint John Paul II to priests given in 1998 and available here.

Here is a PDF A4 version which can be printed as an A6 prayer card for your Breviary: Sodality Prayer.

If used as a commemoration at the end of an Office or in the Sacristy after Mass, a versicle and response might introduce the collect.

The Manual proposes the prayer at the end of a reading from the high Priestly prayer of Jesus (John 17) daily or weekly.

V. I will feast the souls of my priests with abundance. [Alleluia.]
R. And my people shall be satisfied with my goodness. [Alleluia.]


in your love for us you chose Mary to be the Mother of your Son,
the first to welcome Him into her heart and bring Him forth for a waiting world.
Grant us such a measure of her grace as to be truly devoted to your Word.
By the loving intercession of Our Lady, reconsecrate us each day
and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit bring us, [your pilgrim priests,*]
to be set forth upon the ocean of light which is the Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

*omitted by those not ordained to the priesthood or episcopate.

The Manual asks priest members and Associates who are able to, to offer a Mass of Our Lord Jesus Christ Eternal High Priest for the Sodality ICONon free Thursdays.

This Mass is at page 1395 in the Missal, or here as a PDF for a slip in page to Common Worship:


For those not able to do this, praying the prayers of the Mass or at least the Collect will also be an act of union with the Sodality.


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